Cassie Marin – Busy Body

Cassie Marin – Busy Body

When making music it’s important to not only make something that sounds good to the people, but something that feels good as well. That sweet sound in the music that makes you fall in love with the song, as soon as you hear it. That’s the type of music that keeps you coming back, as you love the way that the music makes you feel and that’s what you get from Cassie Marin on the new song “Busy Body”.

Cassie Marin brings a creative style that you won’t be able to get enough of on the new song “Busy Body”. The indie electronica sound in the production grabs you instantly, with incredible synth work to make you dream to the sound to the fullest. To match that she brings a vocal performance rooted in soul, to make that speak connection with the listener that makes people lifetime fans. To take make sure she gives you everything, the writing goes deep as she takes on social surveillance, and the effects of social media in her own special way to make sure people can relate to it all.

Cassie Marin’s “Busy Body” is a complete body of work that makes sure the listeners get all they could want and need from a record. It’s a fresh sound that stands out in every way musically, with a special touch of soul to it to make sure it lasts with you for time to come.

Check out Cassie Marin “Busy Body” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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