Selasie – Unnatural

Selasie – Unnatural

One of things that makes music stick with you is the journey the music takes you on. That music you can hit play on and have a full experience, while your mind and spirit goes to wherever the music takes you. That’s one of the may reasons we all fall in love with music, as it gives you a feeling you crave when you hear it. That’s what you get from Selasie on the new song “Unnatural”.

Selasie brings a sound like no other on this must hear jam called “Unnatural”. The song is filled with many enticing elements that stand out, to give you a song like other but what is most appealing is the soul in it. The vocal performance is masterful in it’s tone to make you feel the music, while the production grabs you in to this ambient world, filled with colors that shine bright to the fullest. To take it over the top the writing tells the story to perfection to make sure you can enjoy it all, in a real way.

Selasie’s “Unnatural” is a beautiful display of art that you know is a hit as soon as you hear. When the song comes on you enjoy it as much as you can, because you know soon the world will know about this record. It delivers in every way to make sure the people get an experience of music, they will want to keep hearing and enjoy the vibes of the sound.

Check out Selasie “Unnatural” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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