Devan – Feel Better

Devan – Feel Better

A great song can be many things. It can be something that just simply sounds good or has a certain appeal to it that helps it travel. More than anything a great song can be something that picks you up when you need it most. An uplifting quality to the music that gets you through as the message resonates with you, to keep you going. That’s the beauty of the new song from Devan called “Feel Better”.

Devan gives you that more you need to get by on the new song “Feel Better”. The song thrives in it’s ability to have an intimate experience with the listener, to get through to them as much as possible. The writing speaks to you, as a friend of need, with a message that says everything you need to hear in your time of need. To deliver the writing she brings vocal performance that you feel in your soul, as she speaks to the listener like friend to make it resonate even more, on this timeless piece of work.

Devan’s “Feel Better” is the song you hear that gives you that reminder of how much you love music, as well as the power that it has. It sounds good in every way with the production setting the perfect tone, the singing having a sweet soulful tone, and the writing that delivers to the fullest, but it also gives the listener an experience and a friend they clean on through song.

Check out Devan “Feel Better” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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