Rebecca Carozzi – Time To Be Me

Rebecca Carozzi – Time To Be Me

An authentic experience of music is one you don’t question nor ever have to because of the soul you feel in the music. That special connection between the artist’s and listener that can’t be faked as you hear, and feel each element of the record in it’s totality. That intimate type of experience keeps us all coming back to music and The new song from Rebecca Carozzi, called “Time To Be Me” will keep you coming back for more

Rebecca Carozzi shines light on the world in a real way on her new song called “Time To Be Me”. The song is packed with appeal and a message that you feel in your spirit, as each element comes together to give us the more that music is known for, as it pushes us forward in a real way. The singing is masterful in its tone, as she pours into the listener with gems in the writing that shine to the fullest, that are delivered just right to bring it home on this masterpiece.

Rebecca Carozzi’s “Time To Be Me” is a record that captures the full scope of music, with each element shining to the fullest to make something strong that can last the times. She brings a must hear sound, that feels good to hear as the soul in the music touches you, to make you keep going and live through the culture that we all love.

Check out Rebecca Carozzi “Time To Be Me” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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