Majestic Featuring Sinbadtha1 (Prod by Chris Heist) – Juice

Majestic Featuring Sinbadtha1 (Prod by Chris Heist) – Juice

Music is more competitive than it’s ever been. With countless releases from artists everywhere, it really makes catching the ear of the listener a hard task, especially in a genre like Hip Hop. Where everyone is flexing their best work daily. To stand out an artist has to be commanding. A quality to them that grabs you instantly to listen up to what you’re hearing. Majestic brings that type of presence on his new song “Juice” featuring Sinbadtha1.

Majestic links up with Sinbadtha1 to put on a high energy master class on the new song “Juice”. The production sets a the ultimate tone with an exhilarating sound, that pushes things forward to see what will happen next. As soon as the sound grabs you, so does the emceeing with impeccable rhyming that’s sharp in it’s approach, to make sure you marvel at their pens. Everything is delivered with the right amount of intensity with powerful flows that make them impossible to ignore as they put the culture on notice in a real way.

Majestic featuring Sinbadtha1 “Juice” is that exciting display of music that gives Hip Hop fans everywhere something to enjoy. It has a mass appeal in the sound that casual fans will be able to enjoy, while still being supreme in the lyricism to give purists, the emceeing they enjoy to hit every mark for an outstanding body of work the world should hear.

Check out Majestic featuring Sinba “Juice” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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