HXRY x theallah – No Sleep

HXRY x theallah – No Sleep

Music is at it’s best when all the elements in the music come together to make something you can feel. Each melody and harmony working together cohesively to give the people that more they want in the music. That’s one of the beat elements on the new song from, HXRY and theallah called “No Sleep”.

HXRY and theallah come together to show the magic of collaboration on the new song “No Sleep”. If the song could be described in one word it would be beautiful. Not in a vain way, but the feeling it invokes its truly a work of art that feels good to the soul, as the lush guitar strums grab you every time as you get more and more invested in the writing. To take the song over the top they bring vocal performances that feel just as good as it sounds, to make sure they give the people all they got, which is more than enough.

HXRY and theallah’s “No Sleep” is a smooth record that one listen will never be enough for. They do everything sun supreme fashion to make music for the people to vibe out to endlessly, to give out unlimited replay value for the world to enjoy for time to come. If you love good music you will love everything about this stellar record to the fullest.

Check out HXRY and theallah “No Sleep” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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