Rasmus Hagen x Maxine – Learn To Love

Rasmus Hagen x Maxine – Learn To Love

Great music can be so many things, but it’s more real when it’s something that you can feel. That music that you feel in your spirit, as you get wrapped up in the artistry that gives you that more that you can’t find in just any song. That music is powerful because it can uplift people when they need it most, and thats what you get from Rasmus Hagen and Maxine on the new song “Learn To Love”.

Rasmus Hagen and Maxine come together to do wonders for the soul on the new song “Learn To Love”. This record is as complete as a record can be, with hitting so many marks in one song. The production is master class, while having a mainstream appeal to it to make sure as many ears hear it as possible. Once they got you with the sound you get to enjoy the well crafted message in the writing that shines to the fullest, by the big time vocals that were destined to deliver it to the fullest.

Rasmus Hagen and Maxine “Learn To Love” is a beautiful display of music that sends chills down your body, from the amazing sound that takes you away. It’s music that excels in it’s ability of conveying emotion in the sound, and writing with each element working cohesively to make one supreme sound that is enjoyable, for each second on this must hear piece of audio.

Check out Rasmus Hagen and Maxine “Learn To Love” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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