Jonah Zed – Who You Callin’ Cold Hearted

Jonah Zed – Who You Callin’ Cold Hearted

When writing about music, sometimes it takes all the time in the world to come up with the perfect words to describe how you feel. In other cases the music inspires you so much, that you feel like an instrument and the song writes how you feel itself. The latter is how Jonah Zed makes you feel on this out of this world jam called “Who You Callin’ Cold Hearted”.

Jonah Zed delivers a sound that you won’t be able to get enough of on his new song “Who You Callin’ Cold Hearted”. It shows a high understanding of valuing the listener’s time, with the song not wasting a single second to show you how special it is. As soon as you hit play the music grabs you with a sound full of lights, that Jonah lets his presence be felt over majorly, to deliver the writing to take in and enjoy on this high level piece of work.

Jonah Zed’s “Who You Callin’ Cold Hearted” is exciting music at it’s finest that makes you fall in love with music all over again. The appeal in the music shines with a digestible sound anyone who listens will enjoy, but also the soul in it resonates as well, with each element filling good to take in on this record you will want to listen to every chance you get.

Check out Jonah Zed “Who You Callin’ Cold Hearted” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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