Estella Dawn – Pretty

Estella Dawn – Pretty

The power of being an artist is that you have the listener’s ear to tell them anything. You can tell them something fun that just gives them a vibe, or even something reckless that they can feel the rawness. You can also give them a message that uplifts them, and helps them maneuver through this crazy world we live in. For the talented Estella Dawn she brings a message that instills confidence in the listener on her new song “Pretty”.

Estella Dawn brings a song that is powerful in every way on her new song “Pretty”. In a time where music can lack depth, she takes you deep with her writing that shines to the fullest. The production sets the stage right with an acoustic touch to the sound that builds well throughout, and allows Estella to shine vocally with her big time vocal performance that is rooted in the soul, to the point you feel every word that she delivers with the conviction necessary to drive the point home.

Estella Dawn’s “Pretty” is that more that music can possesses. She takes advantage of having the listener’s ear to give them more than they came with, as she gives a message that makes you feel like you’re enough that resonates now more than ever. If you love good music it’s nothing not to love about this major record, but if you love music with substance you’ll carry this song with you for time to come.

Check out Estella Dawn “Pretty” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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