TENNIN – Les poèmes de Michelle

TENNIN – Les poèmes de Michelle

Music has had many golden ages. Times that we look back on as classic, with so many great things happening that we try to recreate it that same feel today. A time that is truly revered is the 90s. A decade packed with major flavor and soul that still knocks today. TENNIN is able to capture that with her new cover of Teri Moïse’s “Les poèmes de Michelle”.

TENNIN brings endless vibes as well as new life on her ode to French R&B “Les poèmes de Michelle”. The vibes in the music catch you right away, with a chill sound filled with that boom bap knock to give you the perfect storm of R&B and Hip Hop music working together. Vocally she brings that special flavor to the approach that makes you feel her tone in your chest, to make you enjoy the smoothness in the sound in a real way on a song that you hope never ends.

TENNIN’s “Les poèmes de Michelle” is that special music that gives props to the old school, while giving the new school something to enjoy without limits. It’s that soulful music that brings a sophisticated cool, to make you slow down and spread love as you get lost in the music.

Check out TENNIN “Les poèmes de Michelle” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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