Sweeney x CMTEN x carpetgarden – Moonlight

Sweeney x CMTEN x carpetgarden – Moonlight

Music truly sticks with you when you feel the emotion in it. That soul put into the music that comes right on time, as it says everything you can’t always put into words, but feel so strong. It’s that music that you always run back to because the experience of hearing is so real, that it resonates forever. That’s what you get on the new collaboration from Sweeney, CMTEN, and carptengarden on the new song “Moonlight”.

Sweeney, CMTEN, and carpetgarden make an emotional art piece you feel in your soul on the new song “Moonlight”. Their ability to convey emotion is one of this song’s greatest strengths, as they bare it all to the point you feel it all. The writing is heartfelt and is that relatability to it, that makes it a song for the masses with subject we all can relate, on this melancholy production that plays the perfect score for the vision they bring to life.

Sweeney, CMTEN, and carpetgarden “Moonlight” is that music that is so real you take on the emotion of it whether thats how you feel or not. They give their all to the music, and thats what helps you buy into their sound, as they bring their all with no limits to get us through, to show the full power of music.

Check out Sweeney, CMTEN, and carpetgarden “Moonlight” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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