Ellur – Moments

Ellur – Moments

It’s always refreshing to hear an artist shine to the fullest. That special quality to them that makes them stand out from anything else you’ve heard, as you give them you full undivided attention when you hear their music. That type of high quality music doesn’t always come around too often, but when you are able to catch them it’s truly always on time. That’s what you get from Ellur on her new song “Moments”.

Ellur brings an incredible sound that stops time for the listener on the new song “Moments”. The title is definitely fitting with her amazing sound being on full bloom, to the point you truly have a moment with the music to make it an experience that goes beyond hearing sounds. You feel the music in every way from her special vocal performance that exceeds in it’s appeal, but even more in the soul to it. That helps deliver the writing that stands out and is a match made in heaven with the production that serves as the perfect score to bring this, full picture of music to life.

Ellur’s “Moments” is that supreme level of music that always shows us there’s more music out there to love. Her artistry is in a class of it’s own, and its ever more apparent with each listen you give it, as you are able to explore the sound in excitement for each second of audio she delivers to the fullest. Hit play now and enjoy this sure fire hit from the must hear Ellur.

Check out Ellur “Moments” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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