Ellevator – Easy

Ellevator – Easy

Something that isn’t talked about enough in music is that magic of progressions. That music that takes you on a journey throughout, that goes beyond just hearing a song that sounds good, but a true experience that is as exciting as any cinematic piece you can find. That type of music is what you get and more from this must hear act Ellevator called “Easy”.

Ellevator brings a powerful sound that the world will love on their new song “Easy”. The appeal in the music shines right away, as you get invested in the vocals and ready radio sound that doesn’t miss. As soon as you fall in love with the verses, the chorus takes you to the moon with a big time sound that blows your subjectivity out of it’s way, to accept this must hear stellar work of art for the genius level display of music that it truly is.

Ellevator’s “Easy” is that fearless piece of music that dares to be great, and in every way is it. The production is commanding and builds perfectly to give us all that more we want to hear in music, the writing is amazing in it’s articulation, and vocally it’s masterful in it’s tone to show where soul and appeal meet, on this stand out record you will love as soon as you hear it.

Check out Ellevator “Easy” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends

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