Soulé – Queenish

Soulé – Queenish

Hip Hop has resonated with so many people for countless reasons. One of them being the confidence it instills in the listener. Hip Hop has long been the music that spoke truth to the listener, and highlighted things that one can look at as a fall, as something cool to take pride in. That spirit is what shines bright on the new song from Soulé called “Queenish”.

Soulé brings so an infinite swagger on the mic on the new song “Queenish”. The talent shines immediately, with an infectious sound in the production that sets the tone for her to deliver. Every aspect of her game stands out with a commanding flow that makes her impossible to ignore, while she delivers her writing that is full of power to give women everywhere an anthem they can be proud of.

Soulé’s “Queenish” is that high caliber music that does everything right to make sure everyone gets the more they are looking for. It’s delivers must hear artistry in every aspect of recording making, from the production, flow, and lyrics that are supreme, but also brings a stronger message to make it something remarkable that will last the times for us all.

Check out Soulé “Queenish” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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