Anomalyy – 85

Anomalyy – 85

Music that feels good always lasts with the people, and nothing beats an R&B with that right vibe to it. That hypnotizing music that you feel in your soul, as you get swept in the melodies of the vocals that resonate to the fullest. That sound is what made R&B such a Timeless genre to enjoys and thats everything you get from Anomalyy on her new song “85”.

Anomalyy brings a feel good song that captures the nostalgia of time between two influential cities on the new song “85”. The record has many enticing elements that grab you in their own respective approach, but for us the vocals stand out the most. A sweet soulful tone with a sophisticated touch of sexiness to it that sends chills down your body, as you are able to feel the heartfelt writing to the fullest. All of this takes place over a smooth R&B production packed with vibes to let your mind travel, as you take in this musical experience to the fullest.

Anomalyy’s “85” its that must hear music that sounds just as good as it feels to the listener. The approach to the music makes you feel the nostalgia, of when R&B had that magic to it while also giving you a fresh approach to breathe new life into the culture. Anyone who loves good music can hit play and enjoy the vibes to this incredible record that you should hit play on now!

Check out Anomalyy “85” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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