Being able to take the listener on a journey, is an element of music that makes hearing it an experience. A full scope of entertainment that lets the mind travel as you get wrapped up in the sound, and the world where the music takes you. That’s something that helps people fall in love with music for a lifetime, and thats what you get from NOISE NETWORK on the new song “Let It Go”.

NOISE NETWORK shows why they are a production duo you must hear on the new song “Let It Go”. The music sounds like the perfect soundtrack for the Summer, with a bright synth sound that shines to the fullest. The song knocks in the percussion with knocking 808’s that make you move, as you take in each element to the fullest as each passing second, sounds and feels as good as the next to make it a song to last with you.

NOISE NETWORK’s “Let It Go” is that creative piece of music that you hear, and know it was meant for the world to enjoy. The appeal in sound is infinite, with an approach that transcends culture, but even more it’s music you play, and the world around you feels that much vibrant, from this ultimate jam.

Check out NOISE NETWORK “Let It Go” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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