GIANNI TAYLOR – Down and Out

GIANNI TAYLOR – Down and Out

Music is getting more advanced day by day. Far from the days of each genre being so separate from others, with many creatives being able to blend different genres together, to make one cohesive sound that you didn’t think was possible. A shining example of the magic of genre blending is GIANNI TAYLOR’s new song “Down and Out”.

GIANNI TAYLOR brings the best of both worlds of Pop and Hip Hop on his new record called “Down and Out”. The song has many great elements that work, but one of the more impressive elements is the writing. What can be a lost art for some, he excels majorly in with him mastering the art of tone in the vocals to make them felt even more. This all takes place over a great production with knocking 808’s and a creative bass line that makes for an incredible listen each time you hit play.

GIANNI TAYLOR’s “Down and Out” is an amazing display of music for this impressive talent to shine to the fullest. The music is packed with appeal, with a sound that is digestible for the masses, while still being a master class of musicianship that showcases his talent to the fullest on this one of a kind record.

Check out GIANNI TAYLOR “Down and Out” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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