Music has always ben a thing for forward thinkers. A place where heavy issues are brought to life through song. That type of music is where music’s power is on full bloom, as it is able to speak to people who feel the same, or give a fresh perspective to those who are unaware on the issue at had. For KLARK he brings a feel good Pop/ R&B sound with deep writing on his new release “Boy”.

KLARK lets his appeal and soul shine in supreme fashion on his new song “Boy”. The song has many great elements that puts it in a special class of audio, but one of it’s greatest pieces is the writing. A lighthearted approach about the idea of marriage in the context of a queer relationship. He packs plenty of soul and emotion in the vocal performance to make it all felt righteously, over this production that brings the appeal to the sound to make sure its heard by the masses.

KLARK’s “Boy” is the perfect record to show where artist going deep, and digestibility in the sound live in perfect harmony. It’s rooted in it’s authenticity to make sure you get a high class sound in the music, but also has a lightness to it that shines to the fullest, to make sure anyone who hits play will be able to take in the message, and enjoy the music in it’s entire vision.

Check out KLARK “Boy” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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