Sam Tompkins – (w)hole

Sam Tompkins – (w)hole

When music is real, it never has to be highlighted by the artist because the truth in the music always shines through on it it’s own. That authenticity in the music that resonates with the soul, as you fill the heart that the artist poured into the music, to make sure it’s something you can feel. That’s what you get and will love from Sam Tompkins on his new song “(w)hole”.

Sam Tompkins shows off his powerful vocals to bring music with depth on his new song “(w)hole”. His commanding vocal performance shines through right away, with a big time heartfelt approach that resonates to the fullest, while he brings the music to life. The writing is intimate and allows the listener to get to know the person behind the music, as he takes us on his journey to make it something we all can relate to, over this mega production that’s big enough to handle his talent, that shines for every second.

Sam Tompkins “(w)hole” is that timeless music rooted in soul, that shows the true power of music. It dares to be great, as it doesn’t set itself on following any trends, but making something with depth to give us all the more that music was founded on. You get to hear an amazing music but even more, an artist who gives their all to the music to the fullest to make it a must hear.

Check out Sam Tompkins “(w)hole” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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