Jamythyst – You’re My Jam

Jamythyst – You’re My Jam

A fresh approach to a classic sound is something that is truly the best of both worlds. You get the feel of something reminiscent that you love, but also innovation to the sound that gives it all a certain newness to make it fun to explore. That’s a shining element of Jamythyst sound and it’s on full bloom on the new song “You’re My Jam”.

Jamythyst make a song that will make the world dance on the new song “You’re My Jam”. The creativity in the sound catches you right away, with infectious grooves in the production that brings her electro pop sound to the forefront, for us all to witness. As the music delivers, so does she with a vocal performance that is reminiscent of Madonna, to make for music that brings a certain level of fun you don’t always get to hear and enjoy present day.

Jamythyst’s “You’re My Jam” is an exciting record filled with vibe that feels like love and makes you want to dance. The enjoyment she has in making the music, bursts out the seams of the speakers and makes you want to enjoy the music even more. It lights up the dance floor every time the jam plays, as each element of the music does it’s part to make sure it’s something anyone looking to have a good time can get lost in.

Check out Jamythyst “You’re My Jam” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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