Producer Spotlight: Aubrexnxx

Producer Spotlight: Aubrexnxx

Music is truly an experience when you can get lost in the creativity in it. When you can appreciate each element of the music, working together to make one amazing sound that you can explore, more and more with each listen you give it. That type of fun experience is what you get from the innovative sound of Aubrexnxx on his new release “LEO SZN F#V3R”. An intriguing display of music that instantly made us want to know more about this special producer. He was gracious enough to take time to answer some questions for us, to let us know more about the man behind the music. The spotlight is on Aubrexnxx.

Who is Aubrexnxx the Producer?

I’m a 22 year old multi-genre EDM producer from Poughkeepsie, New York. Aubrexnxx is more than just a producer. I’m an audio engineer, recording engineer, sound designer, manager (alongside my Manager Suzie), publicist etc. and overall rising underground creative mogal of the next generation stepping out of the commercial standard of modern music & underground culture showing the youth you too can change the world by making it your canvas with that powerful paint brush our minds poses.

How did you get into producing?

2018 is the start of my producer journey. I honestly have a super great ear for music so when I heard music that’s a slap, I said to myself ” Bruhh I can do this ! no joke” everytime in the car going to school or work and I always wanted to play drums for a band so when I started I picked up a lenovo laptop, a Yeti snowball Microphone, audacity & FL studio making hip-hop/rap Writing plus freestyling off the dome on trap type beats.

I attempted to make it solely as an artist but I felt that wasn’t my desired mission at that time not saying It wont come back in the future. When I completely wiped that whole model, I came back stronger on an Iphone 6 using Garageband playing with the software, understanding the ways of production that suits me & my style best before I go into training so I can work my way to a Macbook pro for Logic pro X “The big leagues”. I made Trap, EDM, Techno and occasional Indie-Lofi and experimental Genre blended beats & songs until I came into full form understanding what best works for Aubrexnxx being myself.

What production software do you use & why?

My personal DAW (Digital audio workstation) preference is Logic Pro X, this DAW has given me nothing but pure ease & pure joy plus unforgettable songs. I mostly find this software to be user friendly especially after you learn the ropes of Garageband, the stepping stone DAW of Logic Pro X in my eyes. The reason I love Logic is because the interface is super easy to navigate & intuitive, the mixing portion emulates analog mixing and helps monitor all levels of your tracks at once and if you have Apple the user compatibility is a breeze and you can even still work on music on the go with garageband on your phone to still work, mix and master. For instance You can work on your Mac or macbook, take the file from there and continue on the IOS garageband and vice versa tell me that’s not innovative.

What was your creative process of “LEO SZN F#V3R”?

When I started making the song I just freshly dropped two experimental beat packs with trap & electronic beats “xnxx aftr drk” & “Interstellar” after that I said to myself let’s pump the brakes take a few steps back and go in to my EDM files, pull a track or two, from last summer and rework it with my freshly found skills to use that for my upcoming music I’m releasing. The song overall is to give you that joyful uplifting energy making you feel the vibrations of an abundant fruitful time of summer.

What was your favorite project to work on?

My favorite project to work on was AUBREXNXX- EP every single track on that project was literally a spiritual piece of me to you so you can understand my vibrational frequency & see where my emotions were at during that time it especially opened my mind to production & overall was a fun project to fully complete that being my first ever full project. I’ve been planning the EP since late 2018 to 2019 but finally it was a work of art I had time to work with & cherish before it went out to the world. I do want to say my recent singles are up there for me as well.

Which artist would you love to collaborate with and why?

I’m not going to lie there are many creatives I would love to work with but If I had to narrow it down to one or two I would say Lenny Kravitz & Willow Smith. I Picked Lenny Kravitz because he’s an amazing talent in the music & Film world. In my eyes one of the pioneers for black musicians who are rock stars. To me he made music fun, unpredictable & really opened up the door for me to be me as an artist/human being from a young age to do whatever I want creatively and run with it.

Collaborating with him I would love to get into a psychedelic vibration & really see what his musician skills and my electronic production skills come up with. I’ll even learn in the process. Willow Smith for me hits deep within my mind cave & soul on a positive and emotional level when I hear the music it takes me out this reality & think deep within, the music Willow releases as well hits home for me, a collaboration would be amazing curating a song with deep emotion & meaning, and some form of fusion of our sounds would be a special one. two scorpio minds put together will be on a level.

What’s next for Aubrexnxx?

What’s in store for me is booked shows on go mode, reaching more media outlets for live interviews to let people see & understand me to get an insight of who I am beyond the music. I’m fully building up my next project. I’m currently¬†working on it and I would really love to go into detail about it but I’m going to have to hold off. It’s going to be a very different project from my last one. Know that and I’m hoping to rave with my fans when I meet them soon. Stay tuned and keep up to date with me please!

Check out Aubrexnxx “LEO SZN F#V3R” below and follow him on Twitter and Instagram. From Global With Love!

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