Body Bag Ben & Rick Hyde – Make Amends

Body Bag Ben & Rick Hyde – Make Amends

A real Hip Hop record has and will always shake the culture up. That music you hear that is rooted in the true fundamentals of emceeing. Controlling the listener with their words and flows to bring you something powerful to take in like no other genre of music. It’s that type of music that you can forget how much it is needed till you hear it, and when you hear that new Body Bag Ben and Rick Hyde, you know they didn’t come to play on the new song “Make Amends”.

Body Bag Ben and Rick Hyde come together to put the game on notice on the new song “Make Amends”. The music sounds like a quiet storm brewing, with a dark haunting sound that stops you in your tracks, as you wait to see what happens next. Once they grab you with the sound, they take you away with heavy bars meant to knock down any barrier in their way, with powerful flows filled with conviction that sends chills down your body, with every bar on this thrilling experience of music they bring to the forefront.

Body Bag Ben and Rick Hyde’s “Make Amends” is the perfect record at the perfect time to give the culture that more they need. In a time where people shy away from coming with strong lyrics, they let their pens go off like an automatic, to deliver greatness with perfect precision of emceeing that will resonate with the people for time to come.

Check out Body Bag Ben and Rick Hyde “Make Amends” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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