Bathrobe Robots – Speak Now

Bathrobe Robots – Speak Now

Music is a thing of many sounds, but a sound that always gets you going is a daring one. One that just feel like a revolution is happening in the music, to the point you feel it in a way that it makes you want to do something to push the world forward. That is one of the most powerful things about music, and that power is on full bloom on the newest release from Bathrobe Robots called “Speak Now”.

Bathrobe Robots brings an innovative sound filled with power on the new song “Speak Now”. The creativity in the record is one of the songs greatest appeal, with the commanding feel of Rock setting a strong tone, and a Pop feel in the vocals to give the song it’s appeal, to make sure the song touches as many ears a possible. With so many shining elements, the writing still may be the songs greatest part with a strong message rooted in art and activism, that will resonate now more than ever.

Bathrobe Robots “Speak Now” is a song that shows a high understanding of using the power of good to make the world a better place. They bring a strong sound that stops you in your tracks, and take full advantage of having our ear, to give us a powerful message, that gives us that more that we will forever seek in music.

Check out Bathrobe Robots “Speak Now” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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