Elvis Drew x AVIVIAN – On Me

Elvis Drew x AVIVIAN – On Me

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready to bring in the weekend with the best vibes possible. Fridays are always exciting because so many great releases drop. Music that you get to enjoy to the fullest as you take in the must hear sounds from your favorites. An instant favorite is what you get from Elvis Drew and AVIVIAN on the new song “On Me”

Elvis Drew and AVIVIAN come together to make a creative sound like no other on the new song “On Me”. The vibe of the song captures you instantly, with a song that makes you float on air as soon as you hear it. The production sets a masterful tone with a ambient approach to the music, that is match made in heaven with the dreamy pads. To take it to another level you get a vocal performance filled with emotion and appeal, to bring the writing to life to create an experience like no other on this ultimate jam.

Elvis Drew and AVIVIAN’s “On Me” is the type of record that shows the magic of music. That thing that happens when every element works together in perfect harmony, to make one cohesive sound that you can’t do without. If you love hearing amazing creative music, you will love every second of this must hear record.

Check out Elvis Drew and AVIVIAN “On Me” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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