Scholars Ent x Nolan the Ninja – WORK (Freestyle)

Scholars Ent x Nolan the Ninja – WORK (Freestyle)

One of the best things to enjoy in music is an artist being daring. An artist who you hear no fear in, and know he’s going to the top with the ultimate focus. That’s the type of music that’s exciting to hear and excitement is what you get every second of Scholars Ent and Nolan the Ninja’s new song “WORK”.

Scholars Ent and Nolan the Ninja come together to make must hear music on their new song “WORK”. They take full advantage of having the listeners ear and delivers greatness like no other. The production by DviousMindZ sets an engaging tone with a commanding sound, that stands out even more, with impressive emceeing. The flow is high powered and each line is delivered with conviction to make this record pop to it’s deserving level.

Scholars Ent and Nolan the Ninja’s “WORK” is an incredible display of Hip Hop that fans all over will not be able to stop raving over. Every one is jacked in and does their part to the fullest and you can hear it in every second of audio they bless us with. The record excels in every category of Hip Hop and you owe it to yourself to hit play now.

Check out Scholars Ent and Nolan the Ninja “WORK” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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