Joya Mooi – My Favourite

Joya Mooi – My Favourite

Every sound has it’s own special appeal to it that people come for, but when you want to feel good you are going to want to hear some R&B music. A genre that is known for the soul in the music that touches the spirit, and makes you either want to be in your feelings or dance the night away. With Joya Mooi’s new song “My Favourite” you want do the latter with a sound you hope never ends.

Joya Mooi marvels on her new R&B electronic infused record “My Favourite”. It’s an uptempo sound that works to perfection and sets a tone that delivers in every way. Her vocals melt you with each passing note and melody, as you feel the soul in the music that, creates a blissful exchange between the artist and listener, that helps the writing shine to the fullest on this record one listen will never truly do enough justice.

Joya Mooi’s “My Favourite” is an endless vibe of music that make you want to dance the night away. She excels musically with an incredible sound, that fuses genres together to create a distinct sound you must come back to her for more, as well being able to shine vocally to the point it makes the listener want to get lost in the music forever and a day.

Check out Joya Mooi “My Favourite” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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