Interview: Songstress, Resa E Talks Career, Influences and More!!!

Interview: Songstress, Resa E Talks Career, Influences and More!!!

The reasons why you can enjoy an artist can be truly limitless. Some are great writers, or great vocalists, and some just have a certain appeal to them, but there are some who are just the total package. Those special artists who are extremely talented, and have so much appeal to them that you know for fact they are going to be a big name for the culture. You don’t find too many people with that star presence to them, but an artist like Resa E makes ignoring them an impossible task. From our first listen of “I Want You” we just had to know more about this mega artist, and she was gracious enough to take time to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Resa E the artist?

Resa E is an inspiring R&B artist from Virginia. Resa E. is someone who inspires to spread love and share stories that I hope many people can connect and relate to. That is why the title of my upcoming EP is “The Story of…”. I want to talk about things that I have experienced and create a story line to; and share with the world. “Who am I?” is a good question. I’m in a stage in my life where I’m still learning about myself, but I’m the kind of person who likes what I like and if it interests me, I’ll learn more about it. I’m not complicated, just more complexed haha. 😊

Who are some of your influences and how do you incorporate that in your music?

When it comes to my influences, I listen to a lot of different artist and types of music. But I generally think of Whitney Huston, Rihanna, Chrisette Michele, Chris Brown, Aaliyah, and other artists alike when I think of who I grew up listening to. It’s not only the way that they perform but also the traits they have that I take into consideration when doing music. I consider Whitney as a storyteller, I love Rihanna’s attitude, and Chrisette’s delivery. I kind of pick and pull the traits that I admire and try to find ways to channel those traits into Resa E.

What was your favorite part of creating your new song “I Want You”.

My favorite part of creating “I Want You” was seeing the why the story came to be. This song was written by my friend, who is a songwriter in VA, AJ Joshua. He wrote this song bout my relationship. When it comes to romance/relationship/emotional “talk” I’m not really the best at finding the words to express how I feel, lyrically or in conversation ha! But AJ did such an amazing job of taking what I was able to share about my relationship and putting it into beautiful lyrics! It just blew my mind!

What is the biggest thing you want people to take away from you music?

The biggest thing I want people to take away from my music is some form of relevancy. I think music is a great way to share stories, emotions, even a vibe and I really just what to be part of that beautiful cycle. Even if someone can’t relate to the lyrics, I want them to be able to walk away with something from the song. If it’s just the track itself, produced by Slim Beats, they would have been affected in some way and that’s what would make me happy.

What advice would you give an inspiring artist?

Confidence, patience, and more confidence! These are all things I’ve had to learn and honestly still working on. Everything in music takes time and if you want it to be perfect, you need to accept the process. Confidence is what makes your work stand strong and if you aren’tconfident in what you are doing, it shows. So I’m learning to take my own advice but to anyone that reads this and it helps, I’m glad to assist! 😊

What’s next for Resa E?

What’s next for me is to complete this EP! I’ve still got a little ways to go and working on getting more visuals as well. But as I continue to record and work on visuals, I will also be working on booking some shows so stay tuned! 😉

Check out Resa E “I Want You” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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