daysormay – Just Existing

daysormay – Just Existing

Hearing a great song from an artist or group always makes you want to hear what they will do next. Being such a fan off of first listen, it always builds intrigue to see if they can do it again, or just had a glimpse of greatness. With a group like daysormay, we instantly enjoyed their sound of their song “The Trend” and became excited to see what they would do with their latest release. What we got was everything we could want and more on the new song “Just Existing”.

The ultimate musical experience is what you get from daysormay on the new song “Just Existing”. It has an excitement to it that’s captivating with a big time, that creates a world around you to explore and get lost in, as you can leave your problems at the door, when you hear this special piece of audio. Their signature sound flourishes and the fresh energy in the vocal performance, is filled with presence to make sure it’s impossible record to pass up for anyone who listens for a second.

The more life that new music has to offer shines through with daysormay’s latest release. In a time where things can feel like there’s nothing new under the sun, they bring a daring piece of art that is filled with high energy to make a stand record like no other, to build endless anticipation for their new project “Just Existing” set to release on October 6th.

Check out daysormay “Just Existing” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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