Zak North – Kidz Die II

Zak North – Kidz Die II

A trait of a great emcee is someone who can bring real life experience to the forefront through their music. Whether it’s there own life, or coming from a third person perspective the realism that they are able to convey is what resonates the most. That type of transparency is what gives Hip Hop it’s spirit and Zak North makes a song you will be able to feel on his new song “Kidz Die II”.

Zak North brings a realism beyond words on his new song “Kidz Die II”. The topic of kids is always a tough one to cover, but Zak handles it with the right amount of responsibility and care to bring the message home just right, as he makes a record that tells father’s perspective of losing a child. The lyricism is heavy and weighs you down to your seat, as you take in the intricacies of the music to the fullest. He raps with pure poise and conviction to make the writing not only heard, but felt righteously to make it real beyond words.

Zak North’s “Kids Die II” is a daring piece of audio to make the listener think to give that more in the music. He carries the responsibility of being an emcee with pride and you hear it in the music, as he is able to make an emotional masterpiece to take, the listener on a ride they will be appreciative of for time to come.

Check out Zak North “Kidz Die II” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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