MDMA – Lonely World

MDMA – Lonely World

The energy in a record can really control the way the listener feels. So much power in that fact that an artist can be the difference between a listener feeling good about life, or deep in their feelings based on the sounds that were put together. For this new release from MDMA called “Lonely World” he brings you a sound filled with grooves that will keep you moving.

MDMA brings the perfect storm of deep writing and infectious grooves on the new song “Lonely World”. The music is one of the most enticing elements of the record, with a feel good sound that has a nice disco touch to make you get lost in the sounds and want to dance, while feeling the soul of MDMA’s vocal approach to make you feel the music to the fullest. Once you get lost in the music you are able to feel the writing that is strong just as much as it is relatable to make something for us all to groove to.

MDMA’s “Lonely World” is an incredible record that shows how far a song can go with you when you feel the music. He gives his heart and soul to the record, and you feel it for every second as you get lost in the music, as well as feel every moving part of it, to make a timeless piece of work you will be able to enjoy for time to come.

Check out MDMA “Lonely World” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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