Jonathan Shapiro – Could Never

Jonathan Shapiro – Could Never

To be a breakout star you must truly give the listener everything. Being able to showcase high talent is always a must but it’s important to make music that people want to hear. That music people can hit play and feel the music, as well as the melodies in it to make them want to sing along, to the sound you bring. That appeal in the sound is what shines bright about Jonathan Shapiro’s new song “Could Never”.

Jonathan Shapiro shows his full range on his new song “Could Never”. The production sets a strong tone with knocking 808’s and mainstream guitar strums to give it that extra glow that allows him to work to the fullest. He switches between his signing that is filled with high energy and conviction, then brings his strong Rap flow that makes his presence to the fullest, as he brings the relatable writing to life like no other to bring this hit to it’s rightful destination.

Jonathan Shapiro’s “Could Never” is a high grade record that shows the level of song making that exists. As much as music is about great sounds, it’s also about sounds that you can feel in your soul to make it something to not only last the times, but something that people will want to run back to, with so much heart in the artistry it makes it impossible not enjoy this authentic experience of music to the fullest.

Check out Jonathan Shapiro “Could Never” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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