Get- Golden Child

Get- Golden Child

Hip Hop more than ever is about the vibe. About the way that the music feels to you to the point, that people forget that being an emcee is about being lyrically on point. Delivering impressive lines that show how powerful your mind can be, when you carve your rhymes for the people to hear. Get steps up to the plate and gives us that pure emceeing on his new song “Golden Child”.

Get brings a remix of Middle Child by J.Cole & Bandana by Freddie Gibbs on his new song “Golden Child”. Get was first on the site with his song “RED” and brings that level of music and more on his latest release. In remixing these songs by these great emcees, he understands the pressure and makes a diamond out this performance. He’s lyrically on another level and brings bars that stand out in each line, that is filled with quotables that are delivered by his powerful flow, to make it all impossible to deny or ignore for a single second.

Get’s “Golden Child” is that super dope Hip Hop that shows that it’s levels to this game. There’s rappers and there are emcees. Get is an emcee who controls the listener to a superb level with his lyrically ability that is second to none, with a great piece of art to give everyone that pure display of the art we love.

Check out Get “Golden Child” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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