Au/Ra – Screw Feelings

Au/Ra – Screw Feelings

One of the many reasons people love music is it’s ability to put into words the feelings we have a hard time talking about. Those emotions that are in us that we have a hard time putting into words, but hearing the eight song at the right time, always brings a certain “ah ha” moment to put everything in to focus for us. Au/Ra brings one of those songs on the new release “Screw Feelings”.

Au/Ra is done with feelings and so are we on the new song “Screw Feelings”. The music has a fresh approach, that has a nice dash of a classic Rock/Pop sound that sets the tone for what is an exciting display of artistry. Her vocals have so much personality to it, that it makes you feel the writing that you can make personal to you, as well as relate to the music on a higher level, as she makes her presence felt to bring the perfect storm of artistry that shines to the fullest.

Au/Ra’s “Screw Feelings” is a full picture body of work that allows you to get lost in the artistry to the point you feel it, but also get a chance to fall in love with the artist as well. The music marvels in every way to make great audio, and the visuals take it to another plateau to make something you will want to come back to for time to come.

Check out Au/Ra “Screw Feelings” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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