Micky FM – Wired

Micky FM – Wired

Something there is no shortage of is new music, but something there is a shortage of is musical innovation. More and more you hear songs that sound alike or follow the same format, that it’s easy to forget that about the art that can be in music. Micky FM brings a must hear sound that is creative and packed with innovation on the new song “Wired”

Micky FM brings an exciting electro sound to life on the new song “Wired”. The music is incredible and filled with bright energy that, makes you fan out to the big time sound that stands out from everything you hear today. The writing tells the story to perfection, and the vocal tone has amazing appeal to make this a record you can see being played all over the world.

Micky FM’s “Wired” is that music that will forever make music fun and fresh to enjoy. When you think you’ve heard it all, he gives you innovation like no other to give you a sound that transcends culture, with a worldwide appeal that will touch dreamers and music fans everywhere.

Check out Micky FM “Wired” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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