LZA featuring Wray – Peace of Mind

LZA featuring Wray – Peace of Mind

Music is something that is an escape for people like no other. Those special sounds that have an effect on the listener, that allows them to breathe easy and relax from all the chaos in the world. That’s the type of music that feels good to hear, and keeps you coming back for more whenever you need to feel that vibe. LZA brings that type of flavor on his new song “Peace of Mind” featuring Wray.

LZA comes together with Wray to make a feel good anthem for women on his new song “Peace of Mind”. LZA is known for his sharp writing that is masterful in it’s story telling, but on his latest release he shows off a different aspect of his game, his singing. The vocal approach is smooth and on point with it’s tone to glide, through the grooves on the instrumental to make something enjoyable for every second. To take it over the top Wray delivers a rap verse, that is super dope and shines to the fullest to give more life to this complete body of work.

LZA featuring Wray “Peace of Mind” is a stellar must hear record that accomplishes so much in one song. It marvels in it’s ability to make something smooth to vibe to, but it’s also full of substance to give the listener more than they came with, as well as show off their talent to give you something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate alike.

Check out LZA featuring Wray “Peace of Mind” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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