Jai Musiq – Be.

Jai Musiq – Be.

People come to music for many different reasons. One of the most important reasons is the messages in the music, especially with a genre like Hip Hop. A genre that rose to prominence because of the messages in the music that helped maneuver through this thing called life. It was a vibrant genre that really hit every mark with dope sounds, meaningful lyricism, and a feel good spirit in it to make it last for a lifetime with the people. Jai Musiq delivers one of those records with the new song “Be.”.

Jai Musiq brings the perfect song at the perfect time with his feel good Summer jam “Be.”. The music is laced with infectious grooves and dreamy pad work to make you want to move, as you get lost in the sound. Once the stage is set Jai steps in as the perfect emcee, with him controlling the listener with his party vibes that bring a commanding presence to him, that makes you listen intently to his lyrics that makes you appreciate life more.

Jai Musiq’s “Be.” is the music that is always necessary to have. It’s proud in it’s purpose of making something to life the spirit o the people, and shines through in the music in a real way. The vibes of music is endless and makes you want to listen repeatedly, as you hear the talent that’s ever so apparent, but also want to feel the blissful energy of the music for time to come.

Check out Jai Musiq “Be.” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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