Jon Bryant – Tied Up

Jon Bryant – Tied Up

A special sound is one that is impossible to ignore. That sweet sound of music that you hear, and immediately give it all your attention, as it stands out to you in a real way from all the other music you consume. That stand out sound shows the power of music because as much as music is subjective, there’s always high quality records that show there is undeniable tunes out there. Jon Bryant brings one of those undeniable tunes with his new song “Tied Up”.

Jon Bryant brings sweet soulful melodies that you will love on his new song “Tied Up”. The soul sound in the music is one of it’s greatest elements, with a nice touch of Funk to the sound that makes you feel the grooves in your bones, that sets the perfect tone for his artistry. Once you get in the music, you get lost in the vocals that have a masterful tone that melts, as he brings the writing to life to the fullest on this record you won’t be able to get enough of.

Jon Bryant’s “Tied Up” is the perfect compromise of a record for the listener and artist alike, with a song that shows off his talent majorly, and makes something that feels good to the listener to take in and enjoy. On what is one of the best songs you will hear present day, he delivers magic in the music to give it that glow that shines and brings light to the world.

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