Mothé – Summer’s Almost Gone

Mothé – Summer’s Almost Gone

Life more than ever is constantly moving fast. Especially in a Summer where the world is opening back up, but nothing makes you slow down like a chilled groove. A smooth sound that feels good to the spirit that you hear, that makes you take the proper time to enjoy it. That special chill sound is what you will love about Mothé’s new song “Summer’s Almost Gone”.

Mothé delivers the perfect end of Summer anthem on the new song “Summer’s Almost Gone”. The vibrant energy stands out right away, with bright melodies that melt you at every turn, as you take in the enjoyable sound to the fullest. With feel good melodies, he brings a tone that matches that energy to make you feel the music in it’s entirety, as he delivers the lyrics to perfection on this stellar musical masterpiece.

Mothé’s “Summer’s Almost Gone” is the music you play that makes your life better from hearing it. As much as music is about making something that sounds good to hear, it’s also about making music that people feel good hearing, and they deliver that and more, on this record that one listen will never do enough justice.

Check out Mothé “Summer’s Almost Gone” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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