Jordan Joseph – Purple Fantasy

Jordan Joseph – Purple Fantasy

More music is coming out than any time in history. With the tools being so accessible to the average person to make, it creates a space for more music to be created, but with all the songs that come out daily, there seems to be a void of great love songs. Songs that you can hit play and you feel that special feeling of bliss as you get lost in the music. If you’re feeling that void like we have you will love the sound of Jordan Joseph on his new song “Purple Fantasy”.

Jordan Joseph brings a record with endless smooth vibes on the new song “Purple Fantasy”. One of the best reasons the song is enjoyable is the genre blending that takes place to make one cohesive incredible sound. The production has a Hip Hop/ Trap feel that gives it it’s knock to make you move, while the vocals have the perfect blend of R&B to give it that soul you can feel, while bring a Pop appeal to it to help it travel around the world. As much as those elements shine it goes above and beyond in the writing, to truly make it a record that doesn’t miss in it’s pursuit to give you everything.

Jordan Joseph’s “Purple Fantasy” is that love music that brings people together in a time where we need it most. The care in the most shines through to the fullest, as you are able to enjoy the smallest intricacies, as much as the biggest elements of the song to make it a record that will be timeless for the listener.

Check out Jordan Joseph “Purple Fantasy” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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