Artist Spotlight – Blvckbyrd

Artist Spotlight – Blvckbyrd

More and more we are seeing “hybrid” artists shine. When we use the term hybrid we mean creatives who can do everything to make a good record. Whether it be singing, rapping, or even producing and mixing record. They have a full arsenal of skills to bring something to the culture that will last the test of times.

A shining example of this new wave of artist’s is the ultra talented Blvckbyrd. A multi-talented artist who does it all, and shines through in the music to the fullest. His singing is smooth with a melodic tone that he’s mastered to perfection to bring the right amount of emotion at every turn. You can hear this in his songs like “Later On” and “Holographic Ecstacy”. Two smooth records that are packed with endless vibes that you can feel and dream to.

His talent doesn’t stop just there with him also being able to pack a punch lyrically in his emceeing, that brings a high amount of swagger to his approach that comes through in songs like “Propa” and “Cloudz” that bring that knock with every listen, to make things complete.

If you’re looking for where music is headed, you can look towards an artist like Blvckbyrd for the answer. A daring creative who gives their all to the music in every way, to make music for the people to enjoy without limits.

Check out Blvckbyrd’s new project “Cardinal” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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