Sound of Fractures – Traces

Sound of Fractures – Traces

Music is enjoyable beyond measure when you hear sounds working together in perfect harmony. Getting to hear the layers in the music, as each element shines to the fullest while still helping everything else, shine ever more to make something that keeps you listening for every second. Sound of Fractures does just that on the new song “Traces”.

Sound of Fractures delivers a musical masterpiece you can get lost in on the new song “Traces”. We are always fans of a good name and Sound of Fractures, is a stand out name that makes you want to listen, and when you hit play you get something you can’t do without. The music makes you want to lay down with the best pair of headphones you can find, and explore the music as you get engulfed in the waves of the music, that are packed with grooves and melodies to take it another level.

Sound of Fractures “Traces” is a must hear display of music, that shows that high powered creativity will always shine bright in music. There’s no formula or trends this record follows, and brings a daring sound of music that flourishes in the innovation place in it. If you love good music enjoy this work of art that is worth every listen.

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