Soran Leif – At The Door

Soran Leif – At The Door

Life brings us many experiences, that sometimes can separate us as some things can be so specific to the person or their background. One experience that everyone can relate to and connect on is a bad relationship. A relationship that makes us have to be stronger, as we leave a situation that once was filled with love but now must end. The emotions of this is captured to perfection by Soran Leif on his new song “At The Door”.

Soran Leif brings an emotionally charged record you must hear on the new song “At The Door”. More and more you see people talking about toxic relationships, but Soran is able to take this hot topic and put his own spin on it to not only make something that stands out musically, but something that you feel the authenticity in as well. His vocal performance shines through the most, as you hear the conviction in it’s tone necessary to bring the writing to life, over this production that blends genre perfectly, for one amazing sound.

Soran Leif’s “At The Door” is that incredible music that has appeal to make sure the world will hear it, and brings the soul, as well as emotion to it to make the world feel it as well. He gives his all to the music and you hear it in every aspect of the music, as he goes for it all to make a timeless masterpiece with unlimited replay value.

Check out Soran Leif “At The Door” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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