We live in a world where everyone is trying and striving to be more. As much as we can be so engulfed in our own thoughts and personal battles, there’s always someone going through something as well. Especially in a time where life can be so comparative with other’s, because of things like social media. It can leave people feeling deflated, and feeling like they aren’t doing it enough, as time passes them by. This is something real we all deal with, and GTFO Franky understands that and blesses us with the new song “SEE THROUGH”.

GTFO Franky is able to capture the times to make something for the generation to vibe to on the new song “SEE THROUGH”. The record is truly a divine piece of work, as each element builds off the next to bring this vision to life on this emotional art piece. His tone will make you feel the lyrics in a might way, with so much soul to the music you fill in your spirit, over this ambient production that makes you get lost in the music, on this one of a kind record that stops time for us, to take in the sound as we should.

GTFO Franky “SEE THROUGH” is the perfect record to show the power of music and the intimate connection it can still have with the listener. He approaches the music daringly, giving his most intimate thoughts for the world to pick apart, and know more about this man behind the music, to make a true authentic experience of music you won’t be able to get enough of.

Check out GTFO Franky “SEE THROUGH” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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