Chelsea Cutler – Walking Away

Chelsea Cutler – Walking Away

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready to bring in the week as best as possible. For Mondays we always bring the best content, to kick the week off right and get us all out of that slump. To bring that high level of music is a must we cover the latest for the multi-talented Chelsea Cutler with her new song “Walking Away”.

Chelsea Cutler brings a must hear break up anthem on the new song “Walking Away”. The production has a sound that is ready for the world to hear, with major appeal to it that you can hear being played on radio stations all over. Once you get engulfed in the sound, you get invested in the lyrics with personal writing that you can feel to your core, with the singing being filled with the right amount of passion and vulnerability to it to paint this picture as best as possible.

Chelsea Cutler’s “Walking Away” is a mega record with a major sound that defies subjectivity to make something undeniable. It shows the true power and beauty of music, with a heartfelt approach to the record to make it something that people can relate to, and enjoy when they need it most on this stellar display of art.

Check out Chelsea Cutler “Walking Away” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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