Lisa Crawley – Looking For Love

Lisa Crawley – Looking For Love

It’s always refreshing to hear a fresh approach to a familiar sound. Hearing music that feels reminiscent of something you love, with the artist putting their own special spin to it to give it more life, and something for you to enjoy. That type of music keeps you listening to a song on repeat as you take in the good vibes of the music and Lisa Crawley does this to a superb level on the new song “Looking For Love”

Lisa Crawley captures the ins and outs of falling in love on her new song “Looking For Love”. The retro touch to the music is amazing, and captures you right away as you get invested in the sweet sound being delivered. Lisa shines on this incredible record, with a great vocal performance that knows which tone to give the listener, with each element with, a big time chorus to take this song to it’s rightful place.

Lisa Crawley’s “Looking For Love” is a record that that you can see being played around the world, as well in film and television. It’s a beautiful display of music, that comes out to be a record that feels good to the soul as it thrives in the true spirit of love songs.

Check out Lisa Crawley “Looking For Love” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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