Donyay – Swipe

Donyay – Swipe

Music especially Hip hop is at it’s best when you feel the music. That energy to the record that makes you buy into the music, and feel the artistry in it’s purest form as get a real experience of music. That type of music always makes for an exciting listen and excitement is what Donyay brings on his new song “Swipe”.

Donyay lets his star power shine to the fullest on his new hot release “Swipe”. Donyay shows high understanding of taking advantage of the listener’s ear by making a record thats engaging for every second. His flex in his approach being commanding, with a charisma thats infectious and makes you buy in to him and his slick writing that takes it up a level, to shine through over this thrilling production that plays the perfect score for the rhyming and visuals alike.

Donyay’s “Swipe” is that impressive must see Hip Hop that makes you slow down to pay attention at the work being displayed. It excels at making exciting music that people want to hear, as well as showing off his skills to the fullest, on what is a complete package of artistry for the world to dive in to.

Check out Donyay “Swipe” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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