Unusual Demont – Vanta

Unusual Demont – Vanta

One of the most refreshing things to hear in music is true innovation. A creativity that stands out from the huge amount formulaic releases, that come present day. That music that still creates an experience for the listener, is that music that still makes you fall in love with music, and Unusual Demont brings that special sound on his new song “Vanta”.

Unusual Demont shows why he’s one of the most promising R&B stars with his new release “Vanta”. The sound is the perfect blend of R&B and Pop, with a high level of soul in the vocals to make you feel the writing in it’s entirety, with a creative mainstream sound to give it that Pop appeal to travel far. He brings true magic in every aspect, with the progressions of the record taking you on a journey that gets better with each second, till you get to the climax of the music to make this song truly out of this world.

Unusual Demont’s “Vanta” is the perfect record to show off his amazing promise, as well as a record the whole world can enjoy to the fullest. It’s a master class of music that anyone can listen to and enjoy, with the subjectivity of music not being a factor for this undeniable sound he brings in full bloom for the world, to listen to and love.

Unusual Demont “Vanta” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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