B.A. Talks x Mona Mula – Money Dance

B.A. Talks x Mona Mula – Money Dance

Happy Tuesday!!!! Hope everyone week is starting off strong with great vibes. To kick off the week we always bring the best music out there to showcase, and since we missed yesterday it’s a must that we make up for it with some absolute heat. That task was made easy with this new smash of a record from B.A. Talks and Mona Mula called “Money Dance”.

B.A. Talks comes together with Mona Mula to make a record packed with infectious swagger on the new song “Money Dance”. The music is vibrant and makes you feel their energy right away, with a feel good tone to music that makes the day shine brighter. The rhyme approach is filled with star charisma that carries this track with ease to it’s rightful destination, as the saucy lyrics makes you want to celebrate and run it up for every second of music they give us to rock to.

B.A. Talks and Mona Mula “Money Dance” is that engaging must hear music that makes things fun. Its a record that you go to when you feel good about life, to give it a timeless factor to it that will resonate through times as an ultimate jam of a record. If you love super dope music you can vibe to, you will keep coming back to this must hear song.

Check out B.A. Talks and Mona Mula “Money Dance” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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