JONES – Around

JONES – Around

Now more than ever people are looking for music they can vibe to. That music you can hit play and breathe easy, as you get to be a fan of the sounds that make the mood right for you to enjoy. That special vibe is what runs wild on the new song from JONES called “Around” that gives us all that we need.

JONES delivers a masterpiece that’s feel with soul and feel good vibes on the new song “Around”. The music is truly in a class of it’s own with a smooth sound, that’s soothing to the spirit as you get to take in her sweet vocals, that get more enjoyable with each harmony delivered for us all to enjoy. The writing is heartfelt and a match made in heaven with the music, to make you feel the music just right on this record that you can feel and dream to.

JONES “Around” is that supreme must hear music that makes you fall in love with music all over again. It’s a blissful sound that makes time slow down for the listener, to just get lost in the waves of the music being delivered to perfection. It’s must hear music matched with must see visuals to make sure it’s something to enjoy without limits for people everywhere.

Check out JONES “Around” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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