Confetti – Boring

Confetti – Boring

Happy Friday!!! It’s the end of the new week but the start of some great new music to start your weekend off with. It’s all about excellence on Friday’s to make sure we start you on the weekend on the most positive note possible and nothing exudes excellence more than Confetti’s new song “Boring”.

Confetti crafts together a undeniable feel good anthem filled with vibes on the new song “Boring”. The brilliant production is big time and instantly feels good to the spirit to bring it all to life. The vocals have a big time feel to it that is perfect for the songwriting, that articulates the bright optimistic feel in the music that can get anyone out of the funk of routine life, to get lost in time in the music.

Confetti’s “Boring” is a musical masterpiece that makes the world a better place with it’s existence. The group comes together to not show off their incredible artistry, but something that makes people feel good, in a time where they can be so much chaos, to embody everything that making music is all about.

Check out Confetti “Boring” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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